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Pendulum Orgonite-Lapis

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At first glance a nice playful swing. But a pendulum is a spiritual tool with which you can answer (life) questions: a small weight on a choir, made from natural minerals that react to life energy.
All over the world, pendulums have been used over the centuries for different purposes: by doctors to trace where in the body there were infections, to determine the gender of the baby, but also by miners to find where valuable minerals lie.

how does it work?

A shuttle provides answers to ‘yes’ and ‘no’- questions. He does this by responding to your sub-consciousness. For example, the pendulum responds to the most minute nerve reactions in your fingers, which is normally ignored by your consciousness. You hold your pendulum between index finger and thumb and let it hang freely as quietly as possible. There should be more than 3-5 cm. to move freely. You formulate the question and first think of the answer 'yes', and then the answer 'no'. The pendulum must move consistently on the true answer.

orgonite lapis

This beautiful azure blue pendant is decorated with lapis: the stone of spiritual development. This helps you communicate openly and honestly. She supports you to find your inner truth and be yourself. This brings relief and peace. She helps to express your opinion and show emotions in a healthy way to promote your friendships and relationship. In the physical field, this stone is very effective against high blood pressure, dizziness, nausea and migraine.

Orgonite is known for its neutralizing effect on harmful radiation, such as that of Wi-Fi, microwave, power plants, etc,.


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MaterialLapis Lazuli
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