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Orgonite Pyramid - Black Tourmaline, Sri Yantra 70 mm

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Orgone Pyramid-Black Tourmaline-Sri Yantra 70 mm

Beautiful pyramid of black tourmaline with the Sri Yantra symbol in it. Sri Yantra is the symbol of positive energy. This pyramid is therefore very suitable for meditation. It is also a nice gift to give to loved ones who practice meditation.

What does the Sri Yantra symbol mean?

Sri Yantra is the symbol of Hindu tantra, esoteric traditions from Hinduism and Buddhism. Sri Yantra represents the union of the female and male deities with nine triangles. The 4 pointing up represent the male deity Shiva and the 5 pointing downward the female deity Shakti.

Sri Yantra literally means instrument (yan) and release from captivity (tra). It is a tool for achieving spiritual freedom. Sri Yantra is the mother of all Yantras and therefore very popular for meditation.

Sri Yantra is known to attract peace, prosperity, harmony and happiness.

The orgonite pyramid

Orgonite converts negative energy into positive energy. It also protects against electromagnetic radiation. The pyramid is known for its mystical workings. If you combine this with the positive energy of orgonite you not only get a powerful protection against negativity but also against anxiety and worry. The pyramid is the most powerful of all orgonite objects.

Orgonite in the Eastern Trading Shop

You will find many orgonite items in our shop, including pendants, pyramids and massage sticks. These are not only beautiful, but also very useful for meditation, to attract positivity in your environment. They often have beautiful colours and are therefore also nice as a decoration.


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