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Orgone angel figurines-Carnelian 20cm

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These orgone angels with the crystal carnelian give you protection and positivity. The material combination orgonite ensures that harmful radiation is neutralized. These kind angels are a nice gift to yourself or to someone who needs some support. Because of the carnelian stones these angels continue to fascinate to watch.


About orgone and orgonite

Orgone is what we call the life energy. Every living being carries this life energy. Life energy is also called chi, ether or prana.

Orgonite is a material combination that protects and strengthens life energy. This material combination consists of resin, crystals and metal. These materials absorb energy and repel it, thereby cleansing the life energy in your environment. The result is that you feel calmer, fitter and more focused. The crystal carnelian was chosen for these orgone angels.

Some people swear by the orgonite material for a better night's sleep. The functioning of the orgonite material is also called "the opposite of electricity".


The effects of the crystal carnelian

You can safely call carnelian a "cheerful crystal". The stone provides more energy and has a grounding effect. He ensures that you think in terms of solutions instead of problems. In short, carnelian ensures that you are a little more sturdy in your shoes. It is a very beautiful, uplifting stone.


Orgone angel figurines in your house

Together with carnelian, Orgonite ensures that you feel grounded and protected. These angels are friendly and are always there for you with the orgonite and the crystal. Place them in a place where you need them the most. The orgonite protects your environment against all kinds of harmful radiation and negative energy.


Orgone angel figurines as a gift

These two orgonite angels with carnelian are a wonderful spiritual gift. You can give them to someone to thank or to give support. The angels look beautiful and are a loving gesture.

The nice thing is that no orgone protector is the same. Because of the use of natural materials such as crystal, every talisman looks a little different. That makes it an extra personal gift.


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