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Moss Agate Stone Pendant

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Moss agate is a beloved stone among nature lovers and people who want to develop their spiritual side. Moss agate is said to stimulate empathy for all living things and is a strong grounding stone. Carry this beautiful pendant with you if you like to have the power of nature with you. Because moss agate is a natural product, the color of your moss agate pendant may differ from the stone in our image.


What is moss agate and where does it come from?

Moss agate is a variety of quartz with a white background and green inclusions. It is therefore a form of quartz that is white, but gets a green color due to the raw materials iron, chlorite and manganese. This form of agate does not contain moss. Moss agate is formed in weathered volcanic rock and has the same composition as flint and jasper.

Moss agate can be white with green veins, or be almost completely green. Sometimes brown, red, blue or black inclusions also occur in the stone. In general, however, the green color predominates.

The most important sites of moss agate are in the United States (Yellowstone River), India and China.


Benefits of Moss agate

Moss agate is a real stone for nature lovers. According to experts, moss agate stimulates empathy for all living things. On the other hand, it is often nature lovers who choose a stone like moss agate: they are naturally attracted by the green color. It is a pronounced grounding stone.

Moss agate strengthens your intuition and keeps you sharp. It promotes overview and helps you to relax when you are very busy. The pendant of moss agate is therefore very suitable to carry with you if you want to stimulate your intuition and focus.


Moss agate pendant; tips

Moss agate can help ground you if you've lost yourself. It is also a symbol of the love for mother nature. Moss agate gives off a gentle energy and shows you what matters.

This moss agate pendant comes without a chain. You can find various other gemstone pendants at Eastern Trading. Each pendant has its own strength and color. Please note that gemstones are natural products and that the color may differ from our image.


Cleaning Moss Agate

You can clean moss agate under running water, or by burying the mineral in the soil for at least 24 hours. If you want to recharge your moss agate pendant, you can place it in a bowl with rock crystal.


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