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Mini White Sage Smudge Stick Torch (Price per pc)

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This mini smudge stick is perfect for a short smudging ritual. For example, you can hold such a ceremony before you meditate or work with a pendulum. Use the stick as a torch or let it smolder in a fireproof dish or shell. By smudging we mean "energetically cleaning", so the expelling of negative thoughts and bad spirits. Many spiritual people hold a smudging ceremony prior to other rituals.


Smudge stick; meaning and origin

"Smudging" is holding a cleansing ceremony. The most famous people who gave prominence to smudging were the Native Americans. The use is probably much older!

By burning herbs such as white sage, the Indians expelled evil spirits from their environment. They preferably allowed natural elements to come together, such as a shell to burn the herbs and a feather to spread the smoke.


The effect of white sage

White sage (Salvia Alpiana) grows in California and is the best-known smudging herb. The scent is intense and spicy. White sage can help you connect with your subconscious mind. The Indians called this contact with the "spirit world."

White sage has a purifying effect: it helps to expel negative energy.


About the Green Tree brand

For spiritual articles you are always in the right place with the Green Tree brand. From smudge sticks to gemstones and crystals: the brand has a diverse collection. The articles are all of high quality and authentic. In addition, Green Tree is known for its original and beautiful (spiritual) gift items.


Get started with your mini smudge stick

With a smudge stick you can energetically cleanse almost anything you want. You can do this in two ways:

  • Place the mini smudge stick in a fireproof dish and let it smolder. You can spread the smoke with a feather if necessary.
  • Clean the entire area with the smudge stick in your hand

It is important that you open the windows and doors of your house while smudging. The bad energies you want to expel can actually leave your home that way. If you want to clean your entire house with a smduge stick, you work from top to bottom.


Tips for smudging

Always make sure your smudge stick has a safe place to burn. A bowl or shell with some sand is very popular for burning smudge sticks. With a spring you ensure that the herbs continue to smolder and you can spread the smoke throughout the room. Eastern Trading has various shells and feathers in its range!


Order mini white sage smudge stick

At Eastern Trading you can find a large number of smudge sticks and other smudge articles. For example, we also sell swan feathers and abalone shells. There is a personal product for everyone!

Ordered from us? Then we will ship your package no later than 48 hours after receiving your order (if items are in stock).

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More Information
SKU 7434631483407
Material White sage
Packaging Per Piece
Burn Time 8 hours
Brand Green Tree
Goal Cleansing
Scent Wood
Measurements 10cm.
Fragrance type White sage
EAN 7434631483407
Condition New

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