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Energetic cleansing

Now that my house is coming up well organized it’s time for a major cleaning on a different level. Though I’ve said goodbye to a lot of material stuff, it’s a job to take good care of my valuables. I believe that stuff is and carries energy. Every area of the house echoes a history of my emotions, from good and bad moments and even those of the previous residents. The air is full of it. Ugh, the thought alone makes me aware of how heavy the weight of that energy must be ... While wandering through the collection of Eastern Trading Agencies like a lost soul, I came across White Sage last week: a natural remedy for an energetic cleaning, the incense of the injuns.

The origin of sage

Where oriental incense is meant to set a mood, the main goal of injun incense is to purge. Sage is made from the silver-white leaves of the Salvia Apiana plant, which grows best on the coast of California and northern Mexico. For centuries it has been used by the shamans of the indigenous population during ritual ceremonies. Therefore it’s also known as Native American Indian incense. It’s part of the purification ceremony for the living environment as well as for one’s energetic body (aura). Ungrounded and highly sensitive as I am, I feel how my body and mind functions as an emotion-sponge and absorb every stimulus unprocessed. I’m tired, my meridians are clogged and the idea of complete solitude and stillness seems blissful. Well, white sage seem to purify this type of negative energy and that makes me curious.

What do you need?

Since it’s my first time to clean my house on an energetic level, also called smudging, I chose bundled sage leaves. To smudge you need:

  • white sage itself;
  • fire (lighter);
  • a feather (or something else to wave with)
  • and a smudge bowl (preferably a ceramic one or an abalone shell due to fire hazard).

Time for the cleaning

As soon as I ignite the top of the sage and the flame is extinguished, the Indian smoke rises. The smell is sharp and spicy. Some people may find this a very pleasant odor, but personally I’m not so fond of it. I decide not to judge the book by its cover. Scientific research has shown that 94% of the bacteria in the room has degraded after burning white sage.

I walk through my entire house, while I let the feather swirl the herbal smoke into every corner, high and low, and let it do its job. The released aroma is strident and bursting with bitter tones, fearless, naturally raw and I feel throughout my whole being that this must be medicinal, sanative. It seems to have a neutralizing effect on me. Slowly I grow into my element and like a real indígena, a shaman, I swing through the room. Above all, It brings me back to the here and now in a mood of appreciation. I’m aware of the roof above my head, a nice house, a temple that I need to protect against, and to free from negative energy. I feel light like the injun feather and around me it’s tidy and clean. The air is clear and the energyfield is accessible again.

I’m surprisingly satisfied. Personlly I keep the white sage as a habit to use when I’ve had friends and family visiting, so that my house with her energy househould is mine to keep.