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The aura healer: Selenite

How rich we are with so many natural resources, aids that propel us on a spiritual level: from white sage and Palo Santo to precious gems and medicinal herbs. My slow energy and lack of enthusiasm makes me believe that my chakras are blocked. Do I have an energy leak, is my aura contaminated? Where is that bustling Prana / Chi (life energy) that others feel tingling and flowing?

The purifying power of Selenite

A psychic once gave me the following advice: before I leave home in the morning I have to imagine/visualize that I’m inside a  big golden egg. It safely surrounds me and protects me from the negative energies of others. According to someone else it should not be a golden egg, but a purple armor, anyway: The protection had to manifest itself in reality through my imagination. But I feel as if I’m still dealing with the ongoing saga. I found an article about the purifying power of Selenite, a new age stone, and let me be free to share this knowledge.

In the collection of Eastern Trading Agencies you will also find selenite (massage) wands, both pure selenite and processed in orgonite and for this reason:

Selenite’s white-bright color betrays a certain chastity and purity. The crystal is named after the Greek moon goddess Selena, also called "the Shining". She is known as angel gem and helps you ground in that angel energy. Emotions and hormones out of balance? Selenite appears to be a healer in this area. This is because it’s also used to overcome mental traumas. She has a beautiful high vibration that initiates healing and transformation. Selenite attaches itself to the energy from all 7 chakras with the aim of bringing your aura back into balance. It removes negative energy from this force field.

How do you remove negative energy?

Scan your aura, your energetic body, and hold the selenite wand at the height of your abdomen and circle clockwise. Breathe in slowly and visualize how pure energy flows in through the crown and unclean, negative energy flows out through the selenite rod in your hands. You can point her to the floor to peacefully get rid of it the energy. Your emotional memory will be freed from pain and stagnated energy starts flowing again.

Charging and discharging

Due to its plastery structure, it is not advisable to keep selenite under running water. If you want to charge the crystal lay her in the moonlight or use other gems to discharge (amethyst) and to charge (rock crystal). In the context of Spring Cleaning, clearing your aura is an essential part of a clean slate and selenite is a wonderful natural resource. Let’s be resourceful.