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Wax melts

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Wax melts wholesale?

We proudly present our Green Tree wax melts (melting smell-wax) from our own soil. They’re meant to melt in an aroma burner/diffuser with a tea light. Don’t you have a diffuser yet? In our collection spiritual accessories you will find a divergent assortment of burners (diffusers) in many colors and shapes

Dosing and combining

The little wax blocks aren’t elegantly finished, on the contrary: we have chosen for the chocolate-bar effect. Rough pieces that are easily refractable, make it possible to dose the amount according to your own preference. No commercial fuss, but quality and effectiveness above all. What makes our wax melts the top of the top? Our fragrances are unmistakably and subtle at the same time. Take for example the mint-eucalyptus variant.

No vague flurries of the promised fragrance. What you see is what you get: Mint-Eucalyptus in the most pure and recognizable form. Magnificent to adorn your bathroom with and create this ultimate wellness-effect. Do you want to surround your customers (or guest) with a rustic atmosphere, then choose lavender. No dominant smoke and other pungent smells: our max welts are designed in such a way that they have the ability to burn for a long time and have a gradual release of the odors.

Green tree

In addition to dosing you can also combine. Green Tree symbolizes precious valued natural products that can only be discovered during world trips across different continents and trough all kinds of cultures and unknown corners. She brings back a suitcase full of treasures, that you will find in the pure scents wax melts:

You can evaporate them purely or mix them up till you found your personal fragrance to swoon away. Just enjoy and afterwards the melting wax is easily removable from the scent burner.

Buying Wax melts?

Aroma burners are very popular at the moment, just like wax melts which is quick to use. You break a piece, put it inside the diffuser above the tea light, you light the candle and the the smell will release as the wax starts to melt. The demand for melting wax is enormous, that’s why they are indispensable items for your store. When you place your order with Eastern Trading Agencies, you are assured of high quality wax melts to sell with virgin scents.

Mix and match your favorites. You can buy one or many more sets of fragrant melt wax trough the webshop, with or without an aroma burner. It’s a nice give-away for a present or to bring up a personal touch to your home or yoga-centre with one of Green Tree’s characteristic scents.