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Hem Sandal Rose Square (25 x 8 Sticks)

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Hem incense of sandalwood and roses brings atmosphere to your home! Sandalwood is suitable for meditation; a warm, woody fragrance with a subtle bitter aroma. The scent of roses is soft, sweet and sultry. The scent of romance! Hem Sandal Rose is a great fragrance to release stress and develop creative ideas.


Sandalwood and roses; odor

Sandalwood and roses is a wonderful fragrance combination from Hem. The woody, complicated scent of sandalwood and the sweet aroma of rose take you out of the daily grind.

Sandalwood is a much sought after fragrance. It doesn't just smell like wood, but also carries pleasant sour and bitter notes. Sandalwood comes from Santalum album trees. Because these trees grow slowly, it takes a long time for the wood to develop its special scent. This makes sandalwood a scarce commodity.

Roses have been cultivated for their fragrance for thousands of years. The aroma of roses can be found in many perfumes, cosmetic products and incense. Although the scent depends on the species, it is always recognizable. In this Hem incense, sandalwood and roses are combined for a mystical, dreamy sensation.


Incense brand Hem

Hem is one of the best-known brands of incense. His incense sticks come from Bangalore in India. This place is also referred to as "the frankincense capital". His incense is made in the traditional way, but with a modern slant. Hem produces accessible scents and comes up with delicious combinations, such as this Sandal Rose fragrance.

He is known for her large collection of incense sticks and beautiful gift sets. It is therefore a suitable brand for those who want to give incense as a gift!


Burning Hem sandal rose incense

Hem sandal rose is an incense fragrance that you can get a lot out of. The incense is soothing and sultry and helps you to look at things a little more gently. Above all, sandal rose brings a pleasant atmosphere to your home. Time to dream away!

Preferably place the incense sticks in a good incense holder. This way they are stable and you collect the ashes neatly. Don't leave incense sticks alone once you've lit them.


Order Hem Sandal Rose incense

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More Information
SKU 8901810032439
Burn Time 1-2 hours
Brand Hem
Measurements 8x8x26.5

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