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Hem Sandal Cinnamon Square (25 x 8 Sticks)

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Be enchanted by the combination of sandalwood and cinnamon! With this soothing incense from Hem you will dream away completely. Wood provides security, cinnamon reassures you. It is an exotic and at the same time homely fragrance! His aromas are made to be loved.


Sandalwood and Cinnamon

Sandalwood and cinnamon are real classics among the incense scents. The precious sandalwood comes from the Santanum album tree. This tree grows in India, China and Indonesia. The reason sandalwood is so precious is that sandalwood trees grow very slowly. The wood takes on its characteristic, attractive scent only after years. This makes sandalwood very scarce. However, anyone who smells the scent soon knows why it is worthwhile.

The aroma of cinnamon is warm, sweet and spicy. Cinnamon comes from cinnamon trees that grow in India, Sri Lanka, China and Vietnam. The scent creates a homely atmosphere. Maybe because cinnamon is also used a lot in the kitchen! It is a true classic.


About the incense brand Hem

Hem incense is known and loved worldwide. The incense is made in Bangalore, India. In this "frankincense capital", incense has been made according to ancient traditions for a long time. The scents of Hem are made according to an old recipe, while at the same time attention is paid to what makes a fragrance so good. The brand is classic and inventive at the same time. Hem incense is therefore very popular as a gift!


Burn Hem sandal cinnamon incense

The scent of sandalwood and cinnamon is calming. Perfect for the evening or if you want to meditate! Hem Sandal cinnamon gives peace and relaxation. The scent is also a good tip for a summer evening, or to create some warmth on a cold autumn day.

Preferably place incense sticks in a good incense holder. This way the sticks are stable and you immediately collect the ashes. Always stay close as soon as you light incense, and ventilate your home well if you burn incense indoors.


Order Hem Sandal Cinnamon incense

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More Information
SKU 8901810031722
Burn Time 1-2 hours
Brand Hem
Measurements 8x8x26.5

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