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Handcrafted wood Buddha Tarot box

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Wooden Tarot Box BUDDHA

Elegant handcrafted buddha storage box


Spiritual storage box new age theme

Time to organize? This wood-brown storage box is made of high-quality pressed wood and beautifully smooth polished and can be used for various purposes: for example, for the safe storage of your crystals, jewelery, incense cones or tea lights.


Buddha symbolizes a deep philosophy that life is suffering and that there is an answer to this suffering. This answer can be found in enlightenment: the insight that is achieved through meditation and by living in the here and now. The result is judgmentlessness and nonviolence.

Tarot boxes

This compact wooden storage box can also be used to store your tarot cards. These are carefully protected and stored by its users. Save your insights, your swords, rods, chalices and coins (or pentacles) now in style.


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SKU 8901354354332
Material Wood
Packaging Per Piece
Brand Green Tree
Measurements 15x10x6
EAN 8901354354332
Condition New