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Green Tree Palo Santo Wood Chips 100 gram

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Palo santo means "sacred wood." It is known for its soft, sweet scent. Palo santo has traditionally been burned by the Incas, Mayans and shamans. The scent contributes to peace and well-being. With this palo santo wood you can experience this special scent in your own home. Light a few pieces of wood after a busy day at work or during meditation, and come back to yourself.


The origin of palo santo

Palo santo is also called holy wood. A number of ancient cultures such as the Incas and the Maya used it for all kinds of rituals. These were, for example, healings, cleansing sessions and ceremonies. The wood comes from a tree, the Bursera Graveolens. This tree grows on the shores of a few South American countries such as Ecuador, Peru and the Galapagos Islands.

Palo santo has a similar, purifying effect as white sage. The soothing scent is invigorating for your mind and creates a pleasant atmosphere in your home.


The scent of the sacred wood

Palo santo has a soft, sweet spicy scent with notes of resin. Many people experience this as pleasant and relaxing.

Just like white sage, palo santo is known for its purifying effect. However, the scents of the two are very different. Where sage is somewhat cooler and more penetrating, Palo santo has a soft, somewhat sweet scent. You smell well that the scent comes from pieces of wood.


The Green Tree brand

Green Tree is one of the top brands when it comes to authentic scents from a responsible origin. The palo santo of Green Tree is collected in a responsible manner in the jungle. The wood is then dried to make it suitable for burning.


Burning Palo Santo

The pieces of wood from palo santo are dried so that you can easily light them. It is important to place them in a fireproof dish. Take a lighter or match and let the wood burn. As soon as you see the core glowing, blow out the flame. As with incense, the smell is spread through the smoke. One piece of wood is enough to experience the pleasant scent.

Palo Santo is soothing and is known to take away or alleviate negative thoughts. It is a suitable fragrance for yoga or meditation. In addition, the characteristic scent creates atmosphere in your home.


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