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Green Tree Native Soul Healing Smudge Incense 15 grams

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Purify your home and your mind with these smudge incense sticks. Palo Santo, white sage and sweetgrass provide a relaxing, natural fragrance sensation. Burn these incense sticks for smudging, relaxation, meditation and inspiration! Native Soul incense is of high quality and comes in a beautiful, recognizable packaging.


What is smudging?

Smudging is cleaning a space by burning dried herbs such as white sage. The custom originates from the Native Americans, who used to scare away the evil spirits by burning sage. These could not stand the smell of white sage, while the good spirits were attracted to it.

Smudging ceremonies are now also popular in Europe. By means of smudging you ensure a new start in your living space. Dispelling tension and a bad atmosphere by means of smudging is also called 'energetic cleaning'. For many spiritual people, energetic cleansing is a ceremony that precedes other rituals.


About the Green Tree brand

The Green Tree brand is especially for dreamers, smudging enthusiasts, yogi and quirky people. With product lines such as Native Soul, any incense and smudging connoisseur will find what they are looking for. In addition, Green Tree has a wonderful range of (gift) items of high quality. For example, candles, aroma burners, gemstones, orgonite and much more!


Native soul smudging incense burning

Native soul healing incense contains white sage, palo santo and sweetgrass: together they give a pleasantly relaxing scent. White sage has a strong scent, but is balanced by palo santo and sweetgrass. The advantage of incense sticks is that the burning time is a lot longer than that of loose herbs. In addition, chopsticks are more practical to use.

If you want to perform a smudge ritual at home, start at the top of your house. From there you work your way down. Open windows and doors during smudging: this way all negative energy and tension can disappear from your home. In addition, it is important to ventilate well when you burn incense. Place the sticks in a good incense holder to catch the ashes.


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SKU 8901684619385
Material Hout poeder
Packaging Per Piece
Burn Time 1-2 hours
Brand Green Tree
Measurements 14x9,5x13 cm
Condition New