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Green Tree Candle White Sage Leaves 100 grams

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Green Tree Candle White Sage Leaves 100 grams

With these dried white sage leaves you can hold your own smoking ceremony. This is called "smudging" and its founders were the Indians. They burned herbs such as white sage to clean themselves and their environment from negative energy. You can clean your own home with these dried leaves from Green Tree. White sage is also suitable for meditation and the removal of unwanted odors.


The origin of smudging

Smudging finds its origin in the native Americans. By burning herbs such as white sage, they make contact with the spiritual world. In this way they clean themselves and their environment from negative energy. Evil energies (spirits) could not tolerate white sage. Good spirits are attracted to it.

The white sage therefore helps Indians to come into contact with the higher and with their subconscious. The herbs are burned in a refractory dish or shell.


White sage benefits

White sage grows a lot in California. The herb is known for its purifying properties. For example, it is antibacterial. In ancient medicine, white sage helped against all kinds of ailments.

Among the Indians, white sage is known as a spiritual herb. The scent of white sage is very spicy and penetrating. You can use the sage to clean your home and to come into contact with your subconscious mind.


About the Green Tree Candle company

Green Tree produces high-quality fragrance products. These white sage leaves come from California and are harvested responsibly. The leaves are then dried.

Green Tree is known for its pure products with a responsible origin.


How do you smudge with white sage?

To hold your own smoking ceremony, take a few leaves of your white sage. What else you need is a refractory dish or shell and a lighter. Place the leaves in the dish and light them with a match or lighter. As soon as you see a flame, blow it out. The leaves will now smoke and spread their spicy scent.

If you want to spread the smell of the sage through the room, you can use a spring for this. With us you will find various beautiful feathers in the range.


Smudging tips

The Indians like to use symbolism in their rituals. In smudging, for example, they preferably bring the four elements together. Hereby the herbs represent the element earth, the combustion for fire, the smoke for the air and a shell symbolizes water. This shell is used as a dish to burn the herbs.

In the Eastern Trading range you will find various shells for smudging, such as abalone shells. These shells are also a wonderful gift.


Order white sage leaves 100 grams from white sage wholesaler Eastern Trading

You can order these sage leaves from Green Tree quickly and easily with us. In addition you will find many other smudging herbs, shells and feathers for smudging in the assortment.

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