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Green Tree Candle Myrrh Grains 150 gram

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Green Tree Candle Myrrh Grains 150 gram

Incense in its most natural form: Church incense, or grain incense, is meant to burn on a (charcoal) burner. These also consist of herbs, woods and resins. What makes her differ cones incense or sticks is that she contains no binder and therefore only consists of raw materials.

You ignite a coal until it turns white and puts the incense pellets on top of it. You can also use an oil burner in which you can place a tea light. You then cover the bowl with aluminum foil. The burning time is approx. 2 hours.

magical Myrrh

Myrrh is a bitter and expensive product, of which acquiring costs a lot of effort. Yet she is very popular, as she raises deep sleep and thus a restful night. Although in its base it is bitter in smell, it spreads a sweet smell with calming effects in a nervous sensation, when it starts burning. In addition, myrrh is popular with purification rituals for your home or work environment.

Enjoy incense aromas in its purest form, without fuel and binders, to order from Eastern Trading Agencies.


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