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Glow in the Dark Octagon Spirit Board

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The spirit board, letter board or Ouija board is often surrounded by mystery. There are quite a few ghost stories around it, such as the story that you can evoke ghosts with it. Yet the spirit board is more than that: it helps you to find answers to all kinds of questions. For this it is important that you are in good contact with your subconscious. What is important to know in any case: the spirit board does not have to be creepy at all. How exactly does such a board work? You can read it below.


What is a spirit board and what is it used for?

A spirit board is a game board with the numbers o to 9, the letters of the alphabet and the words yes, no and "goodbye" on it. With a heart-shaped board with a hole, you slide over the symbols. As soon as the board stops, it shows a symbol or word from the board. People use the board to get answers to all kinds of questions. Legend has it that when you start the game you make contact with the supernatural.

The spirit board is often associated with the summoning of spirits. You could say that it is your own mind that you see at work. To play the spirit board game you make contact with your subconscious mind. The more familiar you are with this, the greater the chance that the spirit board can be of help to you.

Finally, the spirit board or Ouija board is popular as a party game during evenings such as Halloween. In that case, togetherness and fun and creepy things come first, instead of finding answers.


Spirit board; how do you play the game and what are the rules?

You can ask questions to the spirit board on your own or with a small group. Before you start the game, you agree who the medium is. The medium asks the questions at the board (if you play the game alone, you are the medium yourself).


Then you play the game as followed:

  • You ask a question to the Ouija board.
  • You put your index and middle fingers on the board (in a group everyone puts their fingers on the board).
  • You wait without doing anything. The board will automatically move to certain signs.
  • The different signs create a message.
  • After reading the message, close the question by moving the shelf to "goodbye". According to the old stories, this is how you say goodbye to the supernatural.


Glow in the dark octagon spirit board; tips

The rule is that you only ask questions that the board can easily answer by means of the symbols. Also, don't ask questions that are too scary.

What is also important is that all participants of the game feel comfortable. Since a spirit board works through your subconscious mind, it is important that you are not afraid of yourself.

The atmosphere in which the spirit board game is played is important. If you want to make sure that the game is not disturbed by negative energies, you could, for example, first clean the room with white sage.

Finally, this glow in the dark octagon spirit plate is a nice gift idea for Halloween. Especially with the luminous effect! If you want to play the game with friends, create a good atmosphere and do not ask questions that can provoke fear.


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