Brass Singing Bowl with stick & Cusion 12 cm 7 chakra set

Brass Singing Bowl with stick & Cusion 12 cm 7 chakra set

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Specifications of Brass Singing Bowl with stick & Cusion 12 cm 7 chakra set

SKU 8901233153322-07
EAN Code 8901233153322-07
Weight 590.0000
Color Other
Measurements 12cm

More information about Brass Singing Bowl with stick & Cusion 12 cm 7 chakra set

Singing bowls are a popular tool during massages and meditations. The vibrations produced in the singing bowl are so intense that they buzz across our body. Because for 70% consist of water, our cells resonate.
Many people experience this is inner massage as deeply relaxing. Originally, they were intended as food or serving dishes in India and Nepal.

The singing bowl is made of metal. Each bowl has its own frequency and therefore its own sound, depending on the size and material. Low tones give rest, while the highs give energy. What singing bowls make special is that their sound gives you this incredible calmness and silence inside.

Set of 7 chakra singing bowls

This set contains 7 chakra singing bowls, each tuned to the frequency of the respective chakra.

Chakras are the energy centers in the physical and spiritual human body. These are located consecutively from your tailbone (1), in the pelvis just below the navel (2), the solar plexus under the breastbone (3), in your chest at the heart (4), in the throat (5), between the eyebrows (6) and above the crown (7). These energy points each play an important role in the body and therefore for its well-being. They influence body functions and emotions. Blockages within these energy centers can disrupt the free flow and so do the functions within your physical and spiritual body.

Order these singing bowls, 12 cm, now easily via the online shop of Eastern Trading Agencies. You receive them completely each with its own stick and cushion.

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