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Acrylic Lotus Sacral Chakra

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Acrylic Lotus Sacral Chakra

This decorative lotus flower stands with the color orange for our second chakra. This is the sacral chakra, which stands for your emotional world. The lotus flower is a well-known symbol in the world of yoga. Because of its special growth and flowering, the lotus appeals to the imagination in all kinds of cultures and movements. The acrylic lotus can be used as a tealight holder and decoration. She is also suitable as a gift.


The origin and meaning of the lotus flower

The lotus flower is known worldwide as a lucky symbol. In Hinduism, for example, it stands for prosperity and in Buddhism for enlightenment. This has to do with the special way in which this flower grows and blooms.

You can find the lotus flower in warm, swampy areas in Asia. There the seed of the flower germinates on the marsh soil. As soon as the plant comes to the surface, a beautiful flower grows on the surface of the water. The flower is open during the day and closes at night. It blooms throughout the year. The lotus always looks beautiful; her water-repellent leaves protect her against mud.

The lotus symbolizes various aspects of our lives. The roots on the dark marsh soil stand for our past, and the blooming flower for life itself. The clean leaves represent purity.


The sacral chakra, the second chakra

Our sacral chakra is our second chakra. This chakra is displayed with the color orange. When your second chakra is developed and balanced, you feel involved with others. The sacral chakra stands for involvement, feeling, sexuality, and knowing what you want. You feel energetic and you dare to express yourself to others.


Acrylic lotus sacral chakra decoration

You can use this orange lotus as a tealight holder and decoration. With a tea light you create an atmospheric light. The orange, transparent leaves ensure a beautiful reflection. This acrylic lotus flower fits into any interior and is beautiful as a decoration for a yoga studio.

With us this acrylic lotus is also available in the other colors of the chakra.


Spiritual gift tip

The acrylic lotus tealight holder is very suitable as a gift. Give it as a gift to thank or support someone. With a tea light and a card, your gift is complete.


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