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Acrylic Lotus Heart Chakra

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Acrylic Lotus Heart Chakra

This green lotus flower is a symbol for the heart chakra. This chakra makes the connection between the spiritual and the earthly. It is also the chakra of compassion and connection. The heart chakra is usually symbolized with the color green, as with this lotus flower. You can place this beautiful lotus as a tealight holder and for decoration.


The lotus as a symbol for yogi

The lotus flower is a well-known symbol for many yogi. That the lotus flower is so important in yoga teachings and in Buddhism is due to the way it grows.

The lotus grows in the swamps in Asia. The seed of the flower nestles on the bottom. A stem appears and continues to grow until it comes to the surface of the water. At the surface, the stem stops growing. A flower develops that opens during the day and closes at night. The lotus flower blooms throughout the year.

The lotus flower has a few meanings:

  • Life, thanks to its long flowering period (all year round)
  • Purity, water or mud never sticks to the lotus flower
  • The flower lives in the light, its roots are in the dark. This is a symbol of our lives, and the past that we always carry with us.
  • In Buddhism the lotus flower stands for enlightenment

You come across the lotus a lot as a reference to spirituality and development.


The heart chakra

The heart chakra is our fourth chakra. As the name suggests, this "energy node" is at your heart. This chakra provides love for others and for yourself, compassion and connection with others. Physically, the heart chakra is important for your heart and lungs.

The heart chakra is usually shown with the color green, as with this acrylic lotus.


Acrylic lotus tealight holder tips

You can put this lotus flower as a tea light holder and as a decoration. The colored acrylic provides a nice effect when you light a tea light. This lotus flower is also available in the other colors of the chakra.

The tealight holder is also a great gift idea. Give her gift in combination with a tealight, and your gift is complete. Whether someone is spiritual or not, this lotus flower is a beautiful gesture.


Order acrylic lotus heart chakra online

This tealight holder is made of transparent acrylic. At spiritual wholesale Eastern Trading you will also find the other colors of this chakra lotus flower.

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