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Abalone Shell 12-14 cm

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Abalone Shell 12-14 cm

A decorative and productive addition to your home. The beautiful colors of the abalone shell immediately attract attention, but it also has interesting effects on the mind and body.

Abalone shell

The abalone is also known as ear shells. Abalones are a snail species. They are often caught for their meat and their shell. The meat is used for consumption in fancy restaurants. The shell is already a beautiful decoration but its also very productive. Sage or palo santo is often burned here. It also has a cleansing and charging effect on gemstones and crystals when they are left in the shell.


Abalone shell meaning

In addition to the special appearance of this shell, it also has many effects. This is due to the mother-of-pearl inside the shell. The reflection of this averts evil energies. It would relieve anxiety and worry. But it also promotes happiness and joy. The colors also have a harmonizing effect on the chakras. The heart chakra in particular is relieved of fear and sorrow. In general, the abalone shell is a source of wealth, strength and would give a long life.


Buy Abalone shell

A special shell to give as a gift or to use at home. At Eastern Trading we offer the abalone shells in different sizes. Suitable for burning in smudges or palo santo. View these and many other smudge accessories. You can log in to place an order. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. You can find our contact info on our customer service page.


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SKU 7434632795752
Material Schell
Packaging Per Piece
Brand Other Brands
Measurements 15cm.
EAN 0000000200010
Condition New

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