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Massage Olie

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High quality massage oil supplier?

Let yourself be enchanted by our refreshing collection in lovely fragrant oils. Imagine after a long day work or work-outs to finally relax or just to stimulate your muscles in new ways. De powerful effect of our nurturing herbs are absolutely beneficent for body and mind. Nature itself contains so many medicinal and therapeutic herbs, that we bottled for you in an amount of 50 or 100 ml.

In addition, the line contains nourishing ingredients that hydrate the skin well and keep it resilient – very advantageous for a firm grip during massage. To stimulate the blood circulation, to knead the muscles and to relax the nerves, it’s important that the oil daubs easily.

Special odors en pampering oils

Especially for the lovers, Green Tree has an amazing line of massage products: a pleasure to your senses. For every state of mind we chose appropriate ingredients to make you happy. This is the way to entrain your customers and clients into an experience of ultimate relaxation so they feel reborn again.  We will highlight some of them.

The anti-stress massage oil aims to put you at ease by means of lavender, to feel rested by means of orange and give you a feeling of satisfaction by rosewood.

Happy yoga is a beneficent massage oil, especially meant for yogi’s or yogini’s after an intense yoga-session to indulge your muscles and keep them supple. This one is, next to lavender and rosewood, enriched with bergamot and frankincense.

Take a look at white sage, which is known for its cleansing effect. The ingredients are now incorporated in our white sage massage oil, so you can submerge your body too in this particularly spicy aroma.

Finally, our favorite: the entrancing Reiki-massage oil, brimful of sharp herbs like eucalyptus, rosemary and cinnamon, through which you have to be enraptured. This oil is predominant, but for that reason also decisive.

This is just a small selection from our range: you can also take a look at Buddha’s blessing, Flower of Life, Palo Santo and other divine massage oils.

Get a supply of fragrant massage oils

Whether you’re the masseur or the one getting the massage: for an nourishing and wonderful massage experience just place your order in the online store of Eastern Trading Agencies by creating your personal account. People with an own massage studio, usually use their showcase or shelf as business card. Together the different bottles of massage oils send out the message that an tailored oasis of peace is waiting for them in the treatment room. Try some of the different fragrant massage oils or get your own supply and our wholesale delivers fast out of our stock.