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Lucky guy

You carry your bunch of keys with you daily. Decorate it with a spiritual New age key chain. The lifestyle-aware generation of the moment are looking for authenticity and are louder than ever. They propagate what they stand for, what they eat, wear, use and do.

With this key chains you show what you believe in and you have your own totem at hand for moments of insecurity when you can use a little luck. Whether you have to pass your exams filled with self-confidence or that you have set yourself goals that you want to be reminded of: it’s always in touch. If you rather take the creative road: you can also stick the key chain to the zipper of your bag or the rearview-mirror of your car. 

Symbols and stones

The New age key chains are made of silver and metal and look classic. They are decorated with powerful religious and spiritual symbols. Some stand out because of the natural medicinal stones. By carrying them close to you, you can benefit from the healing effects of, for example, sodalite.

Do you feel the calmness of the Lotus namaste-chain with brown stones and Buddha-heads overflowing you, or do you have this cheerful experience because of the colorful seven-chakra colors.

Take a look at our assortment and tell us what you think about the Celtic knot, decorated with blue stones, the chain with the flower of life with amethyst or a pentacle. Always make your choice out of intuition. Only you can tell which one makes a powerful high personal symbol for you with emotional load.

Purchase of spiritual key chains at eastern trading agencies.

Would you like to have some sets of New age key chains of your own or to sell? Don’t fall by the wayside. By adding these trendy hipster-accessories to your collection you fall in with the demand for items that had their peak for the last time in the 70’s. Now, almost 50 years later they are making an advance again. Our wholesaler in is supplied with religious products, that get discovered and rediscovered time after time and because of that never fall into oblivion.