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Hem Nieuwe Golf Hexa

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Hem New Wave Hexa

hem new waves hexa

Available per 6 units, each containing 20 incense sticks. The burning time is approx. 1 hour. HEM is one the largest incense producers and exports worldwide from Bangalore (India).

Here and in other parts of Asia, incense has been used for thousands of years for meditation, as a cleansing- or morning ritual, for marking an event or creating a divine or fresh aura. A blend of natural ingredients became the basis for spicy, fresh, floral, wooden, powdery or sweet scents as almost transcendental odors. Decorate your house now with personally chosen divine fragrances.
The aromas are composed according to the principles of aromachology, which is the study of influence of odors on human behavior. It’s also the art of composing odors and evaluating their effects of body and mind.

New waves

Close your eyes and this incense overwhelms you with a holiday feeling. Your feet in the sand and waves that flood up to your thighs. They leave shells behind, but take your thoughts away. You are surrounded in a grateful fresh feeling.


  • These Agarbatti are hand-rolled according to the traditional natural purity masala method;
  • Intense scents very quickly;
  • Masks unpleasant odors;
  • When you use an incense burner, the ash can be cleaned up effortlessly.


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SKU 8901810016194
Materiaal Hout poeder
Verpakking Per 6
Brandtijd 1-2 uur
Merk Hem
Geur Fris
Afmetingen 25 x 3 x 9 cm
EAN 8901810016194
Staat Nieuw