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Zwaan schouder - 15-20 cm - wit met zwarte punt

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Zwaan schouder - 15-20 cm - wit met zwarte punt

These are beautiful swan feathers with a size of 15 to 20 centimeters. They come from the shoulder of a swan and are white with a black end. Many people associate the feather with angels or with rituals of the ancient Indians. You can use these feathers to guide the smoke from your incense or herbs to the right direction. In addition, they are beautiful for decoration and they bring you closer to nature.


The meaning of swan feathers and its origin

The most famous people who used feathers as symbols were the Indians. For example, they gave each other eagle feathers after showing courage.

The Indians also used the feathers as signs to indicate events. They did this with eagle feathers, swan feathers and signs of other animals. They also called this "totem animals". The characteristics of totem animals each stood for a specific message. The Indians tried to deduce something from this, such as advice or a future.

Swans are graceful to see. The swan is seen worldwide as a symbol of love and positivity. The feathers of a swan symbolize the future, cherish, dream, elegance, beauty and divine inspiration.


Swan feathers and smudging

If you feel inspired by Indian rituals such as "smudging", these feathers will suit you well. Smudging means that herbs are burned to make contact with the spiritual world. The Indians do this to dispel bad spirits and negative energy. This way they clean themselves and their environment.

By fanning with this feather during your own smudging ritual, you spread the smoke throughout the room. This way your house will be cleaned properly. The sign of an animal also reinforces the idea behind "smudging".


Give swan feathers as a gift

Because of their meaning and the beautiful appearance, these swan feathers are an original gift. Every lover of spirituality and nature will appreciate them. Pack the feathers nicely and give them as a gift with incense, smudge herbs or a personal letter.


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