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Zwaan blade - 28 -32 cm - wit

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Zwaan blade - 28 -32 cm - wit

These are beautiful swan feathers with a size of 28 to 32 centimeters. You can use them as a fan to spread the smoke from your smudging herbs throughout the room. In the spiritual world, feathers have various meanings. Feathers played an especially important role with Indians. They gave each other feathers as a gift and used them in all kinds of rituals.


The meaning of swan feathers and where it comes from

The most famous people who valued feathers were the Indians. For example, they used eagle feathers to give each other after showing courage. The bravest Indians therefore had an array of feathers.

The Indians also used the feathers as signs to indicate events. This was done with eagle feathers, swan feathers and the presence of so-called "totem animals". In totem animals you could discover certain messages (such as the future). The swan is also such a totem animal.

The swan feather symbolizes dreams, future, elegance, beauty and divine inspiration. Due to their beautiful appearance, swans are naturally associated with positivity.


Swan feathers and smudging

If you feel inspired by the Indian ritual "smudging", these feathers suit you well. In addition to the meaning of these feathers (future, divine inspiration) you will come a little closer to nature through their presence.

Smudging is done by many people. Herbs are burned (such as white sage) to purify the environment from negative energy. To complete the ritual, the Indians used different materials or elements from nature (shells, earth, herbs). You can use the spring to guide the smoke from your smudging herbs in the right direction.


Give the swan feather as a gift

Because of its beauty and meaning, the swan feather is a loving and original gift. A lover of spirituality and nature will certainly appreciate the swan feather. Pack the feathers nicely and give them as a gift with a personal letter.


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