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Yellow wax 8" clear glass 7 day candle

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This beautiful 7-day candle represents energy, knowledge and wisdom with its color yellow. It is also a color that stimulates the thinking process. If you are ready for new ideas, creativity or a new start with something, then this yellow candle is a good choice. Yellow provokes, in the positive sense.


Associations with the color yellow

Yellow is the color of the sun, spring and summer. This color even seems to stimulate the nervous system. Yellow brings focus and focus.

Yellow also stimulates your creativity. This is an important feature for when you feel blocked in terms of new ideas or activities.


The yellow chakra and its meaning

Yellow is the third chakra. The yellow chakra has the function of storing energy. This chakra stands for happiness, appreciation for yourself, energy and control over yourself.

In terms of chakra colors, the color yellow is also the color that you need to achieve something that you want. If your yellow chakra is well balanced, you are focused and positive. With this power you can be there for yourself and for someone else.


When to burn a 7-day candle?

Because yellow provides focus, energy and focus, this candle is suitable for burning if you feel a bit gloomy and chaotic. By meditating with this candle in your neighborhood you can regain your focus and your goals. The color yellow is also suitable for a new beginning. How and when you burn a 7 day candle is up to you. The colored 7-day candles are loved by meditation, but are also suitable as a beautiful gift or decoration. In addition to meditation or yoga, you can of course also come up with a ritual yourself


Tips for burning the yellow wax clear glass candle

To prevent it from leaking, this candle is covered with glass. Nice and tidy. That may mean that it is harder for you to get to the wick if the candle burns out further. Use a long lighter so that you can still reach it. This 7 day candle is an original and beautiful gift. The color yellow stimulates, makes people happy and stimulates new ideas. The candle has no odor. Those who like it can light an incense stick during meditation or relaxation when the candle burns.


Buy yellow wax clear glass candle online

This candle is also available in other colors. At Eastern Trading you can order the candle easily and quickly. We have the largest range of spiritual products in Europe. We also deliver quickly: an item that is in stock is always sent within 48 hours. We believe good service is important. If you have questions about an item or about your delivery, please contact us.


More Information
SKU 0186148001120
Material wax
Packaging Per Piece
Burn Time Longer than 2 hours
Brand Green Tree
Measurements 20,5 x 6 x 6 cm
EAN 0186148001120
Condition New

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