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Tower Incense Burner with Ohm

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Wooden incense tower - OM


A sesame wood-brown incense burner with a unique shape: a tower. We used high-quality pressed wood that is carefully handcrafted.
You place the incense stick on the bottom and place the tower over it. The design of the incense holder initiates a special upward circulation of the smoke. In the first place, the high design boosts the smoke. When it reaches the ceiling of the incense box, the smoke makes a circular movement back down and escapes through the holes along the way. The created effect is how the burner releases the smoke at different heights. The tower has a height of 30


At the bottom of the tower you will find the symbol of the hindu symbol Om. OHM/ OM/ AUM - is the divine primordial sound of the Hindu philosophy with a powerful creative vibration from which everything originated, also known as the 7th chakra: Sahasrara. This is the crown that stands for insight and enlightenment. This symbolizes the open connection that your mind has with the cosmos. Through this open connection you are stimulated to develop your spiritual side.



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SKU 8901583954334
Material Wood
Packaging Per Piece
Goal Meditation
Scent Other
Measurements 30cm.
EAN 8901583954334
Condition New

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