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Cotton bags are very practical in many ways: they are cheap, sustainably produced and recyclable and easily washable. In addition, they are suitable for all kinds of prints, varying from pictures to texts. That makes them currently a very popular accessory among the (environmentally) conscious generation. Eastern Trading Agencies has a collection of spiritual cotton bags of high quality textile.

Spiritual tote bag OM Lotus

This high-quality textile is covered with the bright rainbow colors of the 7 chakras. The symbols of the chakras themselves can also be found above and below a huge opened lotus. Lotus is a spiritual flower with an inspiring fresh scent. She is known for perseverance because of her journey through the mud to the surface of the water where she buds. This makes her a symbol of fertility. Chakras are the energy centers in the physical and spiritual human body. These are located consecutively from your tailbone (1), in the pelvis just below the navel (2), the solar plexus under the sternum (3), in your chest at the heart (4), throat (5), between the eyebrows (6) and above the crown (7). These energy points each play an important role in the body and therefore for its well-being. They influence body functions and emotions. Blockages within these energy centers can disrupt the free flow and so do the functions within your physical and spiritual body.




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SKU 8900000590209
Material Cotton
Packaging Per Piece
Brand Green Tree
Measurements 45x40x5
Condition New