Meditation Cushion Round Third Eye Chakra Buckwheat Filled

Meditation Cushion Round Third Eye Chakra Buckwheat Filled

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Specifications of Meditation Cushion Round Third Eye Chakra Buckwheat Filled

SKU 8901557823123
EAN Code 8901557823123
Weight 2900.0000
Color Blue
Brand Green Tree
Packaging Per Piece
Measurements 36x15
Material Cotton/buckwheat

More information about Meditation Cushion Round Third Eye Chakra Buckwheat Filled

Meditation is part of a mindful lifestyle in which people develop their spirituality in and outside religion. The essence of meditation is to bring yourself with body and mind in the here and now. You bring yourself into a state of consciousness in which you are fully focused with your attention on something in the present moment. Your breath is a frequently used anchor because you carry it with you anytime and anywhere. The purpose of meditation can be to relax your body or to clear your mind of thoughts and simply be. In addition to your breath, you can also shift your focus to a visualization or something outside yourself such as the flame from a tea light, a mantra or an image. What works differs per person. Meditation is a form of attention that demands a certain amount of concentration, which you can simply strengthen by practicing daily.
Meditations can be performed walking, sitting or lying down.

Purple meditation cushion 6th chakra

Meditation cushions are meant to support the seat during sitting meditations. Yoga is originally intended to make the body loose and supple before you start a meditative sitting. In this way, the chance of physical discomfort, such as cramps or sleeping limbs, is smallest during sitting. Because we do not always have time for to prepare our bodies with yoga or to support the body a bit extra, meditation cushions has been developed
It's a steady meditation cushion filled with buckwheat that supports the pelvis ergonomically.
She is purple colored and decorated with the Ajna-symbol: the 6th chakra which is located in the middle of both eyebrows and also called the 'third eye'. This third eye symbolizes your intuition, insight and consciousness and is therefore linked to your pineal gland.

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