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The Chakra Bible

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The Chakra Bible

Would you like to know everything there is to know about our chakras? Then Patricia Mercier's The Chakra Bible is really something for you. In this book you will get to know our seven chakras and their properties extensively. In this book you can read everything about stimulating and developing your seven chakras: from yoga to gemstones. In addition, the lesser-known chakras are covered in this book!


Chakras; meaning

Chakras are seen as the energy nodes in our body. In Sanskrit, chakra means "wheel". Each chakra is, as it were, a wheel through which energy flows. If you feel good about yourself, the energy can flow freely through your chakra. Each chakra relates to a specific part of your body and mind.

When something is bothering you, your chakra can block. By means of yoga or meditation you can let your chakra flow freely again. This is exactly what The Chakra Bible is about!

Our most known chakras are the seven chakras. These are:

  • 1st chakra (red): root chakra
  • 2nd chakra (orange): sacral chakra
  • 3rd chakra (yellow): solar plexus chakra
  • 4th chakra (green or pink): heart chakra
  • 5th chakra (blue): throat chakra
  • 6th chakra (indigo blue): forehead chakra
  • 7th chakra (purple): third eye chakra

Each chakra provides a different way for your well-being. For example, your root chakra represents a safe, grounded feeling.


About Patricia Mercier

Patricia Mercier is one of the greatest writers on spiritual and holistic topics. She wrote about herbal medicine, crystal skulls and chakras, among other things. Her eight spiritual books including The Chakra Bible are a great success and are sold in different countries! If the holistic approach appeals to you, her books are an absolute must.


What can you find in The Chakra Bible?

The Chakra Bible by Patricia Mercier is suitable for both chakra connoisseurs and beginners. The book is about:

  • What chakras are and what they mean to us
  • Meditation
  • Gemstone therapy for your chakras
  • Other chakras than our known 7 chakras
  • Many other chakra exercises to open and stimulate your chakras.

So The Chakra Bible is a complete, accessible guide for anyone who wants to learn more about chakras!


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