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Tapestry chakra 58 x 82"

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Tapestry chakra 58 x 82"

The chakra colors and a lotus flower are depicted on this tapestry. These are familiar symbols for anyone who practices yoga or engages in spirituality. You can hang this cotton tapestry as decoration or use it during meditation.


The lotus symbol

The lotus flower is large on this tapestry. The origin of the lotus flower is in Hinduism and Buddhism. The lotus flower is sacred in these cultures. It is a symbol of purity, inner growth, development and the connection with the universe. The lotus flower is also called the "flower that grows to enlightenment". A lotus flower first nestles in the mud. It then crawls out from underneath and grows towards the sunlight. At that moment the lotus flower becomes visible as a beautiful flower on the water surface.


Chakra colors and their meaning

All colors of the seven chakras are printed on this tapestry. These colors each have their own meaning. The chakra colors are red, orange, yellow, green, sapphire blue, deep indigo and purple. The chakras represent energy flows that everyone carries. Someone who practices yoga aims to ensure that all chakras are balanced and can flow freely.


Lay down or hang up a chakra tapestry

The chakra tapestry is particularly suitable as a decoration for anyone involved with spirituality and yoga. You can hang the tapestry, use it as decoration for furniture, or as a rug to meditate on. The tapestry is also a beautiful and original gift for someone who has started practicing yoga.


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