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Soapstone Flower of Life Round Incense Holder White

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This stylish soapstone incense holder fits into any interior with its simple design. The flower of life is depicted on the top of this incense holder. This symbol is known worldwide for its sacred geometry. A good incense holder is a must-have for anyone who likes to burn incense.


What makes soapstone so special?

The name soapstone comes from the fact that this stone is very soft and easy to work with. At the same time, the stone has a great hardness and is fire-resistant. This makes the material particularly suitable for an incense holder. The flower of life is engraved in this incense holder.


The meaning of the flower of life

The Flower of Life is one of the most famous (spiritual) symbols. It is not without any reason that the symbol has been widely investigated by artists and scientists. The flower of life is made up of overlapping circles, each of the same size. It contains the "sacred geometry" that we see throughout the universe. The flower of life shows the connection between all living things on earth.

The Flower of Life has been found in several cultures, such as ancient Egypt. Nowadays the flower is, among other things, a symbol for the spiritual current Kabbalah.


Incense burning in a good incense holder

The best way to burn incense is with an incense holder. This way you can place the stick firmly and catch the ashes. In addition, an incense holder is beautiful as a decoration for your interior. This soapstone holder with flower design suits with everything.


Incense holder gift tip

If you give someone incense as a gift, an incense holder is a nice accessory. This holder tells its own story with the flower of life. Most of all, it looks very stylish!

This incense holder is also available in the color black.


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