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Ski Flower of Life Wooden Incense Holder

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With this beautiful incense holder you can catch the ashes of your incense stick. This way you keep the room where your incense burns clean and tidy. The incense holder is in the color purple and carries the image of the "flower of life". Because of the beautiful design, the holder turns immediately into a decoration for your interior.


What is the flower of life and where does it come from?

What’s special about the flower of life is the perfect symmetry. You can find this symmetry in many places. The meaning of the perfect (and sacred) symmetry of the flower of Life is the connection of all life in our universe. Many people therefore see the flower as a beautiful symbol.

What’s also special is that the flower of life was found in different cultures. That means that different countries were aware of sacred geometry, and that we all carry it within us.

By portraying the connection between all life on earth, the flower of life has become one of the most important spiritual symbols. That's why you can find it on this incense board. It is not without any reason that the color purple has been chosen: this color stands for the spirituality and our subconscious.


Use incense holder

An incense holder is a must-have for lovers of incense. It catches the ashes and you can safely place your incense stick in it. This incense holder also looks very nice. It is therefore also a nice and thoughtfull gift for a loved one. Your gift is complete with a pack of incense. Well-known incense scents are sandalwood, nag champa, patchouli, frankincense, musk and opium.

At Eastern Trading you can find various incense boards and different incense gift packages.


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SKU 8900000542093
Material wood
Packaging Per Piece
Brand Green Tree
Goal Meditation
Scent Wood
Measurements 25,5x4x1 cm