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Satya Sai Ram Incense 8 sticks

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Sai ram 8 sticks wierook

Sai ram incense spreads an oriental, spicy scent. This incense is named after the Indian saint Sai Baba. Sai Baba was a well-known spiritual leader in the Hindu faith. He stood for peacefulness and the acceptance of others. The Satya brand comes from incense producer Shrinivas Sugandhalaya, one of the best incense makers in the world.


What does Sai Ram incense stand for?

Sai Ram incense is derived from the spiritual leader Sai Baba from India. It is therefore his face that you see on the package with this incense. Sai Baba believed in a peaceful society with respect for each other. He himself lived soberly, like a fakir (someone with few possessions and a special gift).

The Fragrance of Sai Ram incense stimulates your mind to think and to keep an overview. The same aspects that spiritual leaders pursue.


About Satya incense

With Satya incense you can experience the authentic, oriental scents intensely. Satya incense comes from incense producer Shrinivas Sugandhalaya. The sticks of the brand are hand-rolled in India, where mainly natural ingredients are used. These components provide rest or, have a stimulating effect.

Satya incense is known among incense lovers around the world.


Burning Sai Ram incense

Each pack of Sai Ram incense from this package contains 8 incense sticks. Sai ram burning incense ensures that you can put your mind in a good line. In addition, it cleanses the air in your house from negativity, and with a bit of luck from the mosquitoes.

You can burn Sairam incense both at home and outdoors to unwind. Preferably use an incense holder or an incense board. This way you can catch the ashes.


Buy Satya Sai Ram incense at Eastern Trading.

The Sai Ram incense is authentically packaged in a beautiful, orange box. On the front is the image of the spiritual Sai Baba.

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More Information
SKU 8901802027443
Material Wood chips
Packaging Per Piece
Burn Time 1-2 hours
Brand Satya
Goal Cleansing
Scent Other
Measurements 8x8x26
EAN 8901802027443
Condition New

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