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Satya Assorted Pack 6 Incense (12 boxes) 15 grams

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Meet 12 delicious Satya incense through this display! The scents are all incense classics that take you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This Satya range includes the scents nag champa, Super hit and Mystic rose. Satya incense is traditionally made in India, and you can smell it. The natural ingredients provide a nostalgic scent experience.


Satya incense assortment # 6

The 12 scents from this Satya incense range are all enchanting, each in their own way. The display contains the following scents:

  • Nag champa
  • Black champa
  • Red champa
  • Gold
  • Mystic Rose
  • Take forest
  • Super Hit
  • Darshan
  • Jasmine
  • Arabian Musk
  • Mystic Rose
  • French lavender

The most famous fragrance on display is Nag Champa. Nag champa incense takes you straight to India and has a layered, exotic sweet aroma. In addition, Super Hit, Jasmin and Mystic Rose are also real classics.


About Satya incense

The name Satya is known to almost every frankincense enthusiast. Satya means "truth" and this is a name that goes beautifully with good incense. Perhaps the idea behind this is that good incense will help you meditate, which will help you find the truth.

Satya incense comes from producer Shrinivas Sugandhalaya. This manufacturer has its incense made in the city of Bangalore in India, in the traditional way. The sticks are rolled by hand and only natural ingredients are used. The result is an authentic and natural scent of high quality. And you can smell that!


Burn Satya incense; tips

The scents from this Satya incense display stimulate you every time. Relax with French Lavender or dream away with the hippie scent Super Hit: each incense scent has its own power.

The Indian Satya incense sticks are a bit softer than some other brands. This has to do with the traditional production process. It may take a little longer for the stick to burn after you light it.

We recommend that you always put incense sticks in an incense holder. This way the sticks are safe and you neatly collect the ashes. It also looks very elegant! At Eastern Trading we sell a large collection of incense shelves and incense holders. There is a suitable item in every style and theme!


Order Satya incense display

At Eastern Trading you can quickly and easily order Satya incense assortment 6. We also sell other variants of this Satya display with 12 scents. Of course you will also find a wide range of individual Satya incense: both sticks and cones.

To order from our wholesaler you need an Eastern Trading account. With this you view all our prices and you can quickly start the ordering process. After receiving your order, we will ship your package within 48 hours (if items are in stock).

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More Information
SKU 0818014021498
Material Wood Powder
Packaging Per 12
Burn Time 1-2 hours
Brand Satya
Goal Aromatherapy
Scent Other
Measurements 22 x 8 x 12 cm
EAN 0818014021498
Condition New

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