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Round Solar Plexus Chakra Incense Burner (10 cm)

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Round incense plate solar plexus chakra

In our collection of spiritual home accessories you will find the most diverse variants of qualitative incense holders. This plate incense holder is made of mango wood and processed by hand.
The incense holder has six holes around which you can put incense before lighting it. For burning in larger rooms you have the options to ignite between 3 and 6 sticks at the same time, for smaller rooms 1 to 2 sticks will suffice.

3th chakra: Manipura

The round-shaped incense holder of 10 cm is decorated with the 3th- chakra symbol: Manipura. This is your solar plexus chakra, the energy point of wisdom and power. Your ego is hiding in the core of your body: above your navel, just below your rib cage. This is called your solar plexus, a focal point of energy. The 3rd chakra is about yourself and your self-image and identity. When it’s in balance, you know yourself and you can rely on your own strength. When you are out of balance, this chakra ensures that you cannot control your energy, so that you feel lifeless, tired, useless and unworthy. Your solar plexus, also known as Manipura chakra is the innkeeper of your inner strength and your life's purpose. That is why you control your life energy from this chakra. It gives you a drive, motivation and a passion.

These wooden incense holders are nice to give away and surprising to get.



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SKU 8900000541577
Material Wood
Packaging Per Piece
Brand Green Tree
Measurements 10cm
Condition New

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