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Red wax 8" clear glass 7 day candle

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Red wax 8" clear glass 7 day candle

This red 7-day candle in glass is burned during various rituals and holidays. The color red stands for vitality, love, energy and courage. The glass around this candle prevents it from dripping when you burn it. So it always looks neat.


Burning a 7 day candle, on which occasions?

A 7-day candle can provide support for all kinds of rituals. You can think of parties, prayer, meditation, all kinds of ceremonies and of course personal reasons. Because of the color red, this candle can be burned at a party or personal ritual, rather than during a funeral, for example.

Because red is the color of love and passion, the candle fits well with a wedding or another (love) related party.

As the name suggests, the burning time of the candle is exactly 7 days. Of course, you can light it at the times or days that are important to you.


The meaning of the color Red

This 7-day candle is executed in the color red. Red activates and symbolizes passion, liveliness and vitality. It is also a color that is often associated with being active, having vitality and having guts. You can therefore burn this 7 day candle well in meditation and focus on the emotions and feelings you want to activate.

In terms of parties, the color red is also a color that is often associated with love, Christmas and Christmas decoration.


Tips for burning the 7-day candle

To prevent the candle from leaking and dripping, it is covered with glass. It’s not only neat, this is also very beautiful. Lighting can become more difficult as the candle burns out further in the glass. You can solve this by using a longer lighter.

You can buy the 7 day candle for celebration, meditation or as a gift to someone you care about. With a nice letter you can make it a personal gesture.


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SKU 0186148001106
Material wax
Packaging Per Piece
Burn Time Longer than 2 hours
Brand Green Tree
Measurements 20,5 x 6 x 6 cm
EAN 0186148001106
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