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Polychrome Jasper Spheres 70-130mm (1000 grams)

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These round polychrome jasper stones are somewhat reminiscent of planets. A characteristic of polychrome jasper is the variegated color collection with brown, yellow, black and blue. It is a beloved spiritual stone with a strong grounding power. Jasper brings you back to yourself and makes determination.


Polychrome jasper; origin and properties

Polychrome jasper is a beautiful mineral found in the desert of Madagascar. It is a variant of the quartz family and in the stone,  you can find brown, yellow, blue and black.

Jasper has been a beloved stone for a long time: it is associated with spirituality and is also a popular stone in jewelry. For example, the Indians saw jasper as rainstone, and used the mineral in their rituals.


Polychrome jasper; operation

Just looking at polychrome jasper gives you peace and focus. The mineral is known for its grounding effect. He gives willpower and helps you to better understand your problems. In addition, polychrome jasper helps you to communicate with others.

Did you know that this stone also helps to make the atmosphere in a room a bit warmer and more pleasant? These large, round polychrome jasper stones are very suitable to place in a room where you want to feel safer. For example, the mineral can provide some support if you have just moved.

For spiritual people, polychrome jasper is a popular stone for meditation. He helps you (if you are open to this) to travel safely to another world and use your subconscious mind.



These round polychrome jasper stones are smoothly polished. They show different colors and feel nice. In terms of size, they are the most suitable for laying down. This is especially true for the larger stones of 130 millimeters. Place the jasper stone in a place that is important to you. This is how you can best feel the protective effect. Jasper stones are also widely used for yoga and meditation.

The polychrome jasper spheres are beautiful to see and very suitable as a gift! They are a beautiful gift both spiritually and decoratively. The beautiful stones are loved by many people for interior design and fascinate with their shine and play of colors.

Clean and recharge polychrome jasper

You can clean and recharge polychrome jasper in all ways. For a quick cleaning you can rinse the stone under lukewarm water. You can do a thorough cleaning by laying the jasper against a piece of selenite. Selenite has a cleansing (discharging) effect on all minerals.

You can charge polychrome jasper by means of rock crystal and moonlight, among other things.


Order polychrome jasper spheres 70-130 mm

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