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Pentacle Black Soapstone Aromaburner

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Release the scent of your favorite herbs with this pentagram aroma burner. You place the herbs loosely on top of the burner. At the bottom of the aroma burner you light a tea light, so that the herbs burn slowly and safely. With the symbol of the pentagram, the aroma burner is a perfect match for a nature witch.


Pentagram meaning

The pentagram is probably one of the oldest symbols in the world. Its name comes from Greek. The Greek word "pentagrammon" means five lines. The pentagram is used as a symbol in various groups and situations, such as the Wicca movement. Wicca is a form of (modern) natural witchcraft practiced by men and women.

The five points of the star can represent our five senses: hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling and tasting. Witches also often interpret the points as the five elements: ether, water, air, earth and fire.

The pentagram therefore has several meanings, also in natural witchcraft. With the wicca pentagram, one point of the star will always point upwards.


Soapstone aroma burner; tips

This soapstone aroma burner is a perfect way to burn pure herbs, like witches love to do. You can burn herbs for a specific ritual or to create a pleasant scent in your home. You can use all kinds of herbs for this: rosemary, sage, vanilla, cinnamon and much more.

Only light the aroma burner when you are in the area. It is less suitable for outdoor use, because the herbs you put on top can easily blow away. You can of course open the windows of your home to purify the air in your home from negative energy and unpleasant smells.

This aroma burner is also an original and stylish witchcraft gift. Complete your gift with a tea light and a mini smudge stick or other herbs!


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