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Pagan Calender engraved in wooden box

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Spiritual boxes – Pagan CalendAr

Time to organize? These wooden storage boxes can be used for various purposes: for example, for the safe storage of your crystals, jewelery, incense cones or tea lights. It is pressed wood of high quality, neatly finished and polished,

Pagan Calender storage box

Among Celtic, but also among the Germanic and Nordic peoples, rituals and symbols about the magical and supernatural were connected with the experience of nature. Their calendar was based both on the solar and on the lunar cycle and on the summer and winter solstices. Year celebrations played an important role in this.

storage tarot cards

This stylish wooden storage box can also be used to store your tarot cards. These are carefully protected and stored by its users. Save your insights, your swords, rods, chalices and coins (or pentacles) now in style.




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SKU 8900000530892
Material Wood
Packaging Per Piece
Brand Green Tree
Measurements 18x13x16
Condition New