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orgonite heart necklace with reiki symbol

Nowadays orgone is processed in the form of gemstones containing forms of metals that strengthen the effect, the generation of positive life energy / orgone. It is made of cast resin, aluminum, copper filings, crystals and metal wire. Orgonite occurs in all kinds of jewelry such as these pendant. This pyramid is provided with the Reiki – symbol. Reiki is originally a Japanese therapy focused on the healing ability of the body on the basis of universal energy. This is exactly what you need for a good support during reiki sessions.
Her users believe that energy is transformable. This perspective gives us the opportunity to cleanse our environment of negative stimuli by transforming this energy into a healing and salutary power for us. It reduces the damage of electro-smog.

Pendulum Energy

Do you often feel like you’re continuously picking up energies from your environment and that you can use these powerful gift to help yourself and others? Using a pendulum comes from parapsychology and works with radiesthesia. Radiesthesia means that you open up to be able to feel radiation or energy, and learn to send them so that they can help you, for example, to answers to (life) questions.

A pendulum is a spiritual tool that will help you to answer (life) questions: a small weight on a cord, made of natural minerals that reacts to life energy.
All over the world, pendulums have been used over the centuries for different purposes: by doctors to trace where in the body there are infections, to determine the gender of the baby, but also by miners to find where valuable minerals lie.

Next to the pendulum itself, you need a pendulum mat / card / board / display, a pouch and the concentration to steer your consciousness. The latter especially because it is believed that the answers are actually coming from deep inside yourself.

This method is known within the New Age and alternative medicine. It’s a way to develop their intuition in order to make good choices or to advise others. It provides insight into yourself and your own knowledge.


Shungite is a very unique gem that can only be obtained from Russia. She became known there because of her medicinal effect on sickness. It is also a meditative stone that purifies your aura and harmonizes your chakras. With carbon as a basis, it has a grounding effect. It absorbs electro-smog and is therefore a beneficial combination with orgonite. In addition, this stone helps with spiritual growth, by raising the subconscious mind
Shungiet also helps with many disorders affecting digestion and skin (eczema, allergy). She takes away tension, which makes her very popular among people with sleep problems and headaches.


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