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Orgone Color Resin Pendulum Firozi

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Orgone Color Resin Pendulum Firozi

This stylish pendant is suitable as a necklace and also for fortune telling. The pendulum of orgonite contains small pieces of metal, resin, quartz crystal and firozi a semi-precious stone. The pendulum thus corresponds to the throat chakra. Orgonite pendulums remove negative and promote positive energies. These pendulums also awaken our 6th sense, the psyche. This makes them very useful for accessing divine guidance, so the pendulum can provide balanced, insightful and correct answers.

How does the pendulum work?

To do fortune telling, you hang this pendulum on a chain. You hold this necklace firmly between your thumb and forefinger and then you can ask questions. These questions must be able to be answered with yes or no. You first need to determine via questions how the pendulum shows yes, or no. Make sure you are as relaxed as possible. A pendulum is not magic, the answer comes from your own subconscious mind. Because orgonite wakes up your 6th sense, this pendulum can evoke the answers accurately.

Use in Feng Shui

This pendulum corresponds to the throat chakra, the 5th. This is the chakra of communication, hearing and listening. If this chakra is not balanced, problems can occur with the thyroid gland or the throat, but also with stiff neck or shoulders. With this pendulum you can try to balance this 5th chakra or open it.

Pendles in the Eastern Trading shop

You will find a large assortment of pendulums in our shop, made of different stones and materials. You will certainly find one that suits you and that is also very beautiful.


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SKU 8900000111800
Material stones or crystals
Packaging Per Piece
Brand Green Tree
Measurements 4 cm approx.
Condition New