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Multicolor Ohm Tapestry

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Spiritual tapestries are busy making their comeback to prove how timeless they are. Particularly because of the return of the hippie trends, there is again a great demand for these tapestries. They are intended as decoration for the wall and are made of 100% cotton. Of course you decide how and for what purpose you use the tapestries according to your own taste. They also serve as a tablecloth, altar garment or bedspread. Eastern Trading Agencies supplies various spiritual and religious tapestries in simple but also cheerful colored variants.

OHM/OM/AUM tapestry in Bright colors

The color combination of this beautiful tapestry is reminiscent of spiritual India. The OHM symbol in different font sizes brings depth in this mandala pattern. the Hindu symbol OHM (AUM / OM): the vibration of creation. It is the divine primordial sound from which it originated. The lotus is a spiritual flower that has its roots in the mud and climbs up through the water, where it opens at the surface. Together it forms a floral and stylish whole.


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SKU BS-102
Material Cottton
Packaging Per Piece
Measurements 200x220
Condition New

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