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Metal Pendulum Oracle Copper-61316

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Metal Pendulum Oracle Copper-61316

Cute copper pendulum whose shape is based on sacred geometry. It can help you find positive energies in a particular area or room of your house. A pearl on the other end ensures that the pendulum does not slip out of your hands.

Copper is a good conductor of vibrating energies. These can increase your mental alertness and therefore promote increased awareness. This pendulum is used for reiki healing and for predicting the future. The pendulum is also beautiful and stylish, which makes it an ideal gift for friends who practice Reiki or divination.

Divination with a pendulum, how does it work?

Divination with a pendulum is done with a weight on a chain, such as this cute pendulum. You can then ask questions to which you are looking for an answer, usually questions that can be answered with yes or no. If it hangs, the pendulum can swing, this reinforces the answer that comes from your own 6th sense. You have the answer in your subconscious, the pendulum helps bringing it out in the open. Hold the chain between your thumb and forefinger, try not to move your hand and be as relaxed as possible.

First you can ask questions like "can you show me a YES answer?" You can then determine which circle movement corresponds to the answer yes. Do the same for "no", and then ask the questions to which you want an answer.

The use of a pendulum for Feng Shui

With a pendulum, you can balance the yin and yang of every room in your house. You can also place the pendulum (on a standard) in a certain sector in the room (eg the fame and recognition sector or the money sector) to direct powerful energies to this part of your room and of your life.

Pendulums at Eastern Trading

You will find many pendants of different materials in this shop. Choose one that appeals to you or that you think fits the person to whom you want to give the pendulum as a gift.


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