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Back Flow Burner Stand Krishna

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On the right side of this beautiful incense waterfall is Krishna, one of the most worshiped gods in Hinduism. This incense burner brings him into your house. A waterfall burner looks great and is perfect for a meditation session. The contrasting colors of blue, gold and black are very stylish.


Who is Krishna?

Krishna is one of the most important gods in Hinduism. He is frequently worshiped. In Sanskrit, Krishna means "the most attractive person." He is the supreme ruler of all gods. In many Hindustani households and beyond, an image of the god Krishna can be found. He has a spiritual and important meaning for believers. His appearance appeals to the imagination of people who do not adhere to the Hindu faith.


How a waterfall incense works

A backflow burner is particularly fascinating to look at. Smoke flowing down looks mysterious and even unnatural. Yet a backflow burner actually works very simply. In a waterfall burner you use incense cones in which there is a hole (tunnel). The air in this hole is cooler than outside. Cool air always sinks down. The smoke is nicely directed down through the incense waterfall. So no chemical or unnatural process takes place in a backflow burner.


Backflow burner tips

You need backflow cones for a waterfall burner to ‘work’. These cones smoke a bit more and through the hole in the middle, the smoke flows down. Backflow cones are just as "natural" as other incense cones. They burn a little faster, because relatively more smoke comes out.

Ventilate your house well if you like to burn incense, and always stay close if you have lit a stick or cone.


Gift tip

A waterfall incense burner is a wonderful gift to an incense lover. At Eastern Trading you can find a large collection of backflow cones from brands such as Satya. Lavender, nag champa and rose are popular scents that are appreciated by enthusiasts.


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