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Aroma, Oils & Burners

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  1. Hanging Aromaburner 20cm assorted colors
    Hanging Aromaburner 20cm assorted colors
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Aroma, Oils & Burners wholesale?

So delicious. Not just to mask bad odors, but also to refresh the room quickly. Just because our sense of smell is so sensitive we can easily contribute positively to the atmosphere by burning lovely natural oils with amazing smells. Eastern Trading Agencies has over more than 45 years of experience and built a great collection of fragrances like aroma’s, incense and oils that we proudly present. There are many ways to improve the mood with smells, each with their own advantages.

Looking for a Scented Oils wholesale?

Scented oils can be burned in a diffuser. Don’t you have a diffuser yet? Eastern Trading Agencies has a range of diffuser, just have a look. Mix a few drops with some water and the smell of mint eucalyptus, delightful jasmine, Palo Santo, madagascan vanilla or whatever fragrance it is that you prefer, will permeate the room. Moreover, you can mix and match different fragrances to create a personal breez. Put a tea light in the diffuser and the heat of the flame evaporates the oil slowly but vigorous. The smell of scented oils lingers for a couple of hours and then fades away. It doesn’t absorb into your furniture. Ideal for everyone who likes to vary odors.

Massage Oil supplier?

A massage isn’t just to relax the body; the smell of the oil contribute to sooth and calm the mind and spirit. In our assortment you will find a range of massage oils with various fragrances, adapted to different needs. Wheter you’re craving for some anti-stress, tantra or an after workout, we understand what is necessary for luxurious benefaction and will fulfill your expectations. The mint & eucalyptus and the Palo Santo oil are vegetable.

We also have different kinds of roomspray

Even a faster way to refresh the room than the scented oils are the room sprays. Just spray it several times in the high and low corners of the room were the smell keeps circulating.. They are absolutely safe and made of natural ingredients that makes the fragrance lively and real.

Also looking for Fragrant Salt?

Oh, how we love this ones: Simmering granules. In principal, it just works the same as the scented oil. You can burn it in a diffuser with a tea light and has one big advantage: it doesn’t dry while you burn it, so it never incinerates That makes fragrant salt a lot safer. The smell is very subtle and we have many many flavours that you can alternate or even mix.


Now you have seen divergent fragrance products that are used to maintain a refreshing lifestyle, you can choose which one(s) you would like to offer your customers. You can order room sprays, fragrance oils, massage oils, seasalt, diffusers, wax melts by creating an account, so you can see the prices and look into other specifications. Do you have any questions about buying from Eastern Trading Agencies or about our religious and spiritual products, don’t hesitate to ask!