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Aroma burner wholesale?

Our aromaburners are more than just functional: these are subtle accessories in happy bright colors. These are eyecatchers that can be used as atmospheric decoration to put on the table, the windowsill or the mantelpiece. The most burners are ceramic and designed in such a way that they stand firmly on a flat surface. The timeless designs makes it appropriate in every setting, regardless the style of the interior. Try it yourself.

How to play

You put the wax melts, fragrant salt or water with some fragrant oil in the upperbowl of the burner/evaporator. For this high quality scented products you find wide choice in our assortment. At the bottom of the burner you place a tealight, causing that the wax starts melting and the scent evaporates.
Ideal: In the heat of the summer you can burn an anti-mosquitoes wax that reinforce the summer vibe. You can also fresh up the toilet or the bathroom by an hammam or eucalyptus fragrance. Moreover, Palo Santo is an extraordinary aroma that stimulates during meditation, to get you into the right mood. Personally, in the bedroom we recommend fresh linen or lavender to promote sleep: they play their role everywhere.

Types of evaporators

For our wholesale we made a nice selection out of the bestsellers. This includes both modest modernistic and outstanding refined exemplars. Our give-away peak for the lovers of authentic items: de hand-cut elephant out of soapstone. Simple variants have the form of an owl, cup or bulb with on the top a bowl, all enriched with sophisticated decoration. Every model is slightly different.
Some are made of ceramics, some of soapstone. You can order them separately or in sets of 6 pieces, each one in a different color.

Imagine when you light the candle and the flame sparkles trough the tiny holes and make this shadow on the table or on the wall. That’s when you understand the arty adornments. It looks so cozy and gives such a warm feeling during the dodgy autumn and winter days. Choose a fervent fragrance to empower your spirit to see the positive and the light during the dark and coldest day.

Regarding religious themes, you find some evaporators with an pentacle- or OHM-symbol in the assortment of our wholesale.

Purchase aromaburners

Are you too looking for nice details for your interior to give away? At Eastern Trading Agencies you can easily stocks these gifts, for example to put in a Christmas package. Do you have your own company, as a spiritual store, yoga- or meditation centre, that you are willing to bright up and add some luxury to the atmosphere? Lovely fresh scents are often appreciated during massage treatments of meditation sessions. And what else can stimulate your senses more than a precious burner full of fragrance that creates a gorgeous shadow on the wall by the flickering light, as finishing touch. Choose your favorite and buy your own aroma burner(s) out of our stock in the online store. We also have other products like fragrance oils and roomsprays.