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Green wax 8" clear glass 7 day candle

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Green wax 8" clear glass 7 day candle

This green candle is covered with glass and is a so-called 7-day candle. You can burn this candle at a ritual that is important to you and it will burn for seven days. The candle can also be used during meditation. The color green stands for rebirth, healing and harmony.


When to burn a 7-day candle

A 7-day candle is not tied to a particular day. It’s used to support or decorate all kinds of rituals and parties. With its green color, this candle is mainly used to meditate and to remove obstacles. You might have bumps along the way of your dream job, your finances or love life. The color green helps you to recharge and eliminate negativity.


The color green and its meaning

Green is the color that is seen as "new life". That is why this candle is often used to pave the way for something new and positive. In addition, the color green stands for fertility, prosperity, balance and trust. The green color also brings peace and helps you to relax.


Tips for burning or giving this candle as a gift

This candle helps you to get rid of obstacles in all kinds of areas. Light it while thinking about what’s bothering you or the thing you want to change. There is no scent on this candle. If you want to meditate or relax with a scent, you could light an incense stick by the candle. You can give this green candle an excellent gift to someone who means a lot to you. Your gift is complete with a personal letter.


Order 7 days a candle at Eastern Trading

This candle is covered with glass and the wax is green. We have this candle in different colors as well. Each candle fits well with one or more special occasions.

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