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Green Tree Thick Palo Santo Sticks 50 grams

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Palo Santo Holy Sticks 50 gr

There are few people who do not find Palo Santo a pleasant smell. This sacred   wood, originating from areas of South America, has a rich spiritual   fragrance. She is known for the sweet '' sacred '' aroma that is released   when it is burned. Palo Santo is used to smudge: for purification purpose for   your home and / or body of negative energy. For that reason she is also known   for her boundless salvation.

Green Tree thick Palo Santo

If you want to smudge larger areas, these thick sticks are very suitable.   You can now easily order the Palo Santo online at Eastern Trading Agencies in   a 100 gr. bag. We only use the wood of branches that has fallen naturally   from the trees. After this, it takes another 4 to 10 years before it releases   its sweet smell.   You ignite 1 or 2 cubes of palo santo and burn them in a smudge dish. The   sweet smoke will slowly spread. You can walk around the house while you spread   the smoke with feather in all corners, or along and around the body of the   person you are cleansing.

Benefits of Palo Santo

• Easy to burn in a smudge bowl;  
• The extra thick sticks burn more slowly, so that you can now enjoy the   smell even longer;  
• Suitable for sweat lodge ceremonies;  
• The best alternative for those who find white sage less pleasant.


More Information
Weight (kg)0.05
MaterialPalo Santo
PackagingPer Piece
Burn Time1-2 hours
BrandGreen Tree