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Green Tree Oil Burner Turquoise

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Flowerfull aromaburner


This collection of aroma burners creates a stylish look. They are subtle accessories in a somewhat old-fashioned classical turqoise color and have floral ornaments
These eyecatchers are often used as decoration for the table, the windowsill or the mantelpiece. The burners are designed in such a way that they stand firmly on a flat surface. You enjoy most of the design when the candle burns and the light of the flame sparkles through the holes and shines on the wall.

Usage aromaburner

You fill the upper bowl with meltable wax, essential oil or fragranced sea salt of your choice. For this you will also find a wide selection of high-quality products in our range.
Underneath you place a burning tea light so that the heat causes the wax, oil or salt to melt and the scent to spread.

Make an aromatic journey

In the summer the burner is ideal to put anti-mosquito wax in, but you can also decorate the toilet or bathroom with our popular  refreshing hammam or eucalyptus scent. Palo Santo is an aroma that stimulates extraordinarily and creates a transcendent during a meditation. Also nice is the aroma burner in the bedroom with a fresh linen or lavender scent to raise deep sleep.

Do you want to add that little bit of luxury to the customer experience? Fine odors are often greatly appreciated during a massage treatment. Or rejoice yourself by adding an extra dimension to your meditation session. What can stimulate the senses more than a beautiful burner as an accessory, with the candlelight shining on the wall?


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